At Pappas Architects in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we offer professional architectural design and remodeling services to create the home or business of your dreams. Pappas Architects offers a wide range of home design services to suit any individual, business, or organization. Contact us today for a free consultation. As an experienced architect, we design a variety of structures including the following:



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Pappas Architects specializes in high end residential home design and room additions.  As part of going through the home design experience, M. Pappas often creates a special painting for the residence using the shapes and colors that have emerged during the design process to commemorate the experience with the client.

Other services that we offer are large murals as well as stained glass design:

The mural pieces are best suited for larger interior spaces and usually incorporate the surrounding shapes and colors evident in these spaces in an attempt to bring the entire ambiance of the space into harmony.

The stained glass or art glass design is a bi-product of the mural work only using a different medium.  Both usually have a geometric quality to them.  The stained glass designs are done with collaboration with Mr. Pappas’s daughter Ida who is an accomplished artist in her own right.


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